(2016) Knopf / Piccadilly Press
/ Allen & Unwin


Twelve year old Annabel Grey is primed for a life as a proper young lady in 1867 London until she is placed in the care of two ageing great aunts who run a magic shop in Spitalfields.  There she is thrust into a decidedly unlady-like world of potions, broomsticks, wands and wizards.

Before she can make sense of her new life she finds herself swept up on an urgent quest.  The evil Mr Angel and his terrifying dark magic extracting machine are raising an army of shadowlings, and they want to put an end to good magic for ever.

The wizards have dreamt of Annabel.  She is to be the most magical girl.  She is to save London.  But how does she begin when she doesn’t even believe in magic, or understand the strange powers inside her.

An extraordinary journey from the depths of a secret world beneath London streets to the starry skies above London rooftops – a world where magic can be seen in puddles and teacups and heart lights lead the way home.



"Under London and the world of the fairies are evocatively drawn, and the rising dread and tension that suffuse the tale will keep readers turning the pages long into the night, rooting for this charmed girl." - School Library Journal

“An exciting, fast-paced middle grade historical fantasy. . . . Foxlee excels in creating heroines who feel their lives are out of their control, but when faced with dangerous and seemingly impossible tasks, rise to the challenge with an inner strength they never thought they possessed.”
— Mary Brown, Books, Bytes & Beyond

“Richly described, from dark, foggy, sinister London to an unwelcome delay in the troll dwellings of Under London.”
— School Library Journal

“Deliciously complex and convincingly detailed.”
— Kirkus Reviews, Starred

“A Most Magical Girl has the most deliciously dark whimsical vibe, with lush, enchanting storytelling and world-building. The magical elements, from flying broomsticks, spells, wands, trolls, dragons, faeries, and more, feel classic, yet completely unique in their quirkiness. Young readers will be dazzled and inspired by this magical world!”
— Word Spelunking Book Blog